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Spring / Summer 10-2-5 + Mgo + FE 10Kg

The basic spring / summer fertiliser
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Spring & Summer             10 – 2 - 5 + 2% MgO + 2%FE

Spring & Summer 10 – 2 - 5 + 2% MgO + 2% Fe has been specially formulated to give adequate nutrition to all fine turf throughout the growing season.  The products within this range are a balanced complex of granules, manufactured for ease of application, keeping plant scorch to a minimum.  The product spreads evenly on exposed areas, whilst monthly applications will help reduce plant stress, with the iron ensuring a rich green colour, and the magnesium along with potassium ensuring good cell structure within the plant, to allow maximum chlorophyll production.

All products in this range are 100% homogenous, meaning that all nutrients are in each granule thus ensuring excellent results. 

  • Mini or micro granules for superb results every time
  • Homogenous granules for even nutrient distribution
  • Wide range of products to suit every situation

10 - 2 - 5 + 2% MgO + 2% FE is a basic spring and summer product, for regular application to maintain consistant growth.


Rate of Application:            50 g/m²

Pack size                           10kg

Application Area                 200 m2 per pack




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