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Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass:

Dwarf perennial ryegrass accommodates to a variety of conditions of which certain varieties are best suited to, which we take information from the sports turf research institute (STRI). The growth attributes include good wear characteristics, excellent recovery and greenness throughout winter among others, with variety’s that can germinate at below 6 degrees centigrade, for winter repair. It has the ability to be shorter and produce more tillers than a typical ryegrass variety which allows a thicker sward to be created. It is generally used on sports pitches which require fast recovery or medium wear lawns. This is often used in sports as a straight or mixed with other dwarf perennial ryegrasses.

Strong Creeping Red Fescue:

Strong creeping red fescue is ideal for a thick bottom in a sward. As the name suggests it has creeping roots which spread out in search of water and nutrients allowing the plant to remain healthy and green even in dry times. It must be used carefully though as it has the ability to overgrow finer species. Alternatively sheep, red or slender fescues would allow better development of smaller species. Widely used in simple mixtures in conjunction with dwarf perennial ryegrass.

Slender Creeping Red Fescue:

Slender creeping red fescue is the finer leaved relative to the strong creeping. It does not have such a dramatic effect on delicate species. It is very quick to establish with a good wear tolerance commonly being used within premium lawn mixtures, being nearly twice the cost of strong creeping red fescue.

Chewing’s Fescue:

Chewing’s fescue is fine in appearance but its best trait is the ability to overcome a wide range of potential problems. It has a high tolerance to low temperatures, very tolerant to acidic soil, high shade tolerance, very resistant to common turf diseases and requires minimal water/fertiliser. The disadvantage with this is it is not very tolerant of heavy wear but is suitable for cutting to 5mm for greens. Often mixed with ryegrass, smooth stalked meadow grass or creeping red fescue, Used as the fine part of a mixture.

Hard Fescue:

As in the name hard fescue is a hardy plant which thrives in all kinds of soils. It is one of the grasses which require the least amount of input. Traditionally blue in colour is different varieties are selected for high adaptation to drought/heat/winter hardiness. It is ideal for roadsides, banks or dunes etc., but also domestic lawns in particular shaded lawns as it has a high shade tolerance. The specific characteristics are used to good success within mixtures.

Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass

A perennial with creeping rhizomes, allowing good recovery to damage and infill of bare areas. Very good drought tolerance making it great for light or shallow soils. Being very slow to establish, makes it a small part of mixtures. Used with in lawns, gallop mixtures, horse & pony mixtures and anywhere traction and recovery is required.

Brown Top Bent

Spreading via rhizomes and stolon’s, brown top bent has very different characteristics to other species. Being a very dense growth habit, bent grass makes up a large proportion of sports surfaces. For golf, bowling and tennis, bent grass can make up 25-50% of the entire mixture.

Crested Dog's Tail

An ornamental species, found in wild species rich grassland. It thrives on well drained soils, but has issues with extreme pH tolerance. It withstands cold temperatures and drought, making it green all winter. It suits to be in
low maintenance mixtures, for drought tolerance, but it doesn’t suit wear, so inly as part of a mixture.

Meadow Fescue

Commonly used in pasture mixtures, meadow fescue has a tufted growth pattern, as a small part of a mixture, this can benefit in a cool and damp environment, maintaining ground cover over winter. Within ornamental lawns, meadow fescue provides a non-aggressive grass to mix with wild flowers.

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