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Paddock Mixture Acre

A Specific mixture for Equine and hardwearing use.

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Paddock mixture is designed to produce a basic equine sward, they key features are:

  • Hard Wearing
  • Persistent
  • Dense growth
  • Palatable

Paddock mixture contains:

10.0Kg Equine suitable Perennial Ryegrass

3.0Kg Creeping red fescue

1.0Kg Timothy


Paddock mixture can be used to over seed existing paddocks, where grass needs to be improved to help palatability and wear.

Simply spread the seed by hand into existing grass, treat in sections to allow a week without grazing for the grass to establish.

Over seeding can occur well into September and even early October, provided frost is not expected.

The life span of paddock mixture depends on how it is looked after, regular soil aeration and fertiliser application should be sufficient to keep the paddock in tip top condition.


Pack Size: 1 Acre

Coverage: 4000 - 5000 m2 per pack

or over seeding at 7000 - 12000 m2 per pack

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